Hytron Manufacturing - 12-13-06
At Hytron Mfg., Inc., we manufacture precision mill and lathe components for different industries. We currently use 19 mills for our manufacturing needs. In September of 2006, we began using the WebVend to control our chaotic tooling situation. Before this time, we had tools all over the plant floor, some in a central tool cabinet, and others in various tool chests throughout the shop. Often, our machinists couldn’t find the tools they needed, so rush orders were placed to have new tools delivered. Since we began using this product, we have seen a 33% savings to date, giving us an ROI well within three months. Thank you WebVend, your machine is outstanding!

Production Machine & Tool, Inc.
Being an industrial distributor, Webvend has proven extremely effective for my company. It has not only increased sales but has aided in controlling customer inventories more effectively. I have used other vending machines in the past that cannot compare to Webvend. The mere convenience of reporting over the web by far exceeds any other vending machine manufacturer. --John Gaudin

Advantage Tooling, LLC
Having represented another major line of vending systems for many years, I can say with authority that WebVend provides superior support and customer service. My experience with WebVend also has shown that WebVend stands solidly behind their products. --Mike Garretson
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