• Control Access 24/7
  • Locate Supplies at Point of Use
  • Track Costs Directly to Jobs, Department, Account Numbers, General Ledger Codes and End Users
  • Web-based and Onsite Cycle Counting and Replenishment for Quick and Easy Inventory Management
  • Export Data to Your System
  • Safe, Secure and Accurate Historical Data with No Information Technology Investment
  • Guaranteed Delivery System
  • Manage Inventory Levels Down While Reducing Outages
  • Centralize the Administration of Multiple Vending Locations
  • Accommodate Various Sizes of Inventory
  • Lower the Total Cost of Material Management
  • Allows you to Focus on Productivity
  • Reporting Available on Your Customized Website

Processing a transaction is as simple as scanning a bin and a quantity.

ScanVend takes care of the rest. Transactions are processed into our database where they can be accessed through the Internet any time of the day. Hundreds of locations anywhere in the country can be administered from your customized website, letting you track and reduce consumption. ScanVend accommodates any style of inventory storage, including drawers, cabinets, trays, bins, and shelves.

  • Point of Use Ordering Scan Items that Need Replenishment
  • Consignment/VMI Management Consignment Consumption Ordering and Restocking
  • Tool Crib Management Material Requisition, Material Restocking and Cycle Counting
  • Lightweight and Rugged Design
  • Data Transmission Verification

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